The University Record, October 1, 1996

Missing: 25,000,000-year-old rhino

A 25-million-year-old rhinoceros skull and leg bone are missing from an exhibit case at the University of Michigan's Exhibit Museum. Jennifer Jaworski, pictured above with a skull similar to the missing one, discovered the artifacts were missing Sept. 21. The theft is thought to have occurred sometime between Sept. 17 and 21.

Both the skull and the limb are about 12 inches long. The skull weighs between 5 and 10 pounds. The value of both fossils is about $20,000, estimates John Klausmeyer, a preparator with the Museum for the past 12 years. "Even with an insurance settlement, you can't just go out and buy another one," he said.

A reward is being offered for the fossils' return. The Department of Public Safety encourages anyone with information about the missing pieces to call the anonymous tip line at 763-9180 or 1-800-863-1355.