The University Record, October 15, 1996

CLCS project will strengthen community-based research, involve faculty and students

The Center for Learning through Community Service (CLCS) is undertaking a new project to strengthen community-based research at the U-M. Funded by Interim President Homer A. Neal while he was vice president for research, the project will involve faculty through a program of distinguished lectures, faculty seminars, working papers and student research partnerships.

The project will enable faculty to meet together, increase interdisciplinary interaction on epistemological and methodological issues, and develop relationships among U-M researchers, community institutions and external funders.

Community-based research draws upon one's academic discipline or professional field and simultaneously serves the community. It includes work to create new knowledge, test academic ideas, aggregate knowledge so as to make it more understandable and disseminate knowledge to users.

Many opportunities exist for work in this realm. Interested faculty and staff members should contact Barry Checkoway at the Center for Learning through Community Service, 647-7402.