The University Record, October 22, 1996

U-M-Flint's Regional Groundwater Center
to complete analysis

By Patricia Mansour


The U-M-Flint Regional Groundwater Center has contracted with Fenton Township to complete a groundwater vulnerability analysis.

The analysis is a package of descriptive maps and an accompanying report that will determine which areas of the township are most susceptible to groundwater contamination and estimate the volume of groundwater under each square mile section of the township. The study is scheduled to begin this month, with completion anticipated in May.

The center's analysis is intended to be used for planning purposes. Once the study is complete, township officials will decide which management techniques are best-suited to the area's economic, social and environmental characteristics. High-risk development can then be appropriately targeted to areas where groundwater resources are most protected. In addition, areas subject to the most potential risk can be identified so safeguards may be put in place for existing businesses that use, store or manufacture hazardous materials.