The University Record, October 22, 1996

Consultation and Conciliation Service gets Arbor Award

The University's Consultation and Conciliation Service, established in April 1995, has received an Arbor Award for excellence.

The Arbor Consulting Group Inc. and Eastern Michigan University Master of Science of HR/OD Program, are the co-sponsors of the Arbor Award, presented annually to corporations, universities and other organizations in southeast Michigan.

The Arbor Award reflects excellence in the field of human resources and recognizes programs that show high levels of originality or inventiveness, that exhibit outstanding leadership, produce significant results above and beyond expectations, and improve employee satisfaction to a degree that significantly increases revenues and/or reduces costs.

The Consultation and Conciliation Service was established as an alternative to the grievance procedure because the formal grievance procedure can often lead to adversarial behavior.

Sally Johnson and Don Perigo, who lead the program, have worked on more than 100 cases since the service began 17 months ago. The goal for the service is to find a workable resolution to an existing disagreement or dispute.

Johnson says they have helped both faculty and staff members resolve a variety of workplace disagreements, including work assignments, working relationships with supervisors, concerns about fair treatment and problems between co-workers.

Users are pleased

"I was initially reluctant about doing this, but I am so glad we did it. It has really made a difference;"

"I wish there had been something like this years ago;"

"We reached a written agreement about how we would behave toward each other in the workplace including how we would talk about disagreements."