The University Record, September 3, 1996

Weather or not


Photo Credit: U-M Weather Underground

Since 1992, school children have been exploring the world of weather on the Internet using a full-color, interactive software package called Blue-Skies, developed by the University of Michigan Weather Underground with funding from the National Science Foundation.

With a personal computer, high-speed modem and Internet access, students can track approaching storm fronts, access U.S. Weather Service forecasts and satellite imagery, and check out weather conditions for hundreds of cities around the world. Using simple meteorological instruments, students record high and low temperature readings and precipitation received at their school. Students enter their data into Blue-Skies and share it with students around the world.

Beginning in October, middle school teachers can participate in a four-week unit on hurricanes offered in collaboration with the University of Colorado. Units on blizzards and tornadoes are planned for later in the 1996-97 school year. Teachers also can access suggestions on how to incorporate Blue-Skies into the K-12 curriculum and share ideas with other teachers.

To explore Blue-Skies yourself, point your browser to