The University Record, September 17, 1996

Five staff honored for excellence in service

Five staff members and one work team at the College of Engineering have received Excellence in Staff Service Awards.

A five-member committee chose the winners from nominations submitted by faculty, staff and students. Each winner received $1,000 and a certificate. A plaque with winners' names is on permanent display at the College. There were 20 individuals and four work groups nominated this year.

"Two features of this year's nominating process stand out," says Associate Dean Michael Parsons. "First, a large number of students were either principal nominators or submitted supplemental letters of support, an indication that our staff is truly treating our students as customers. Second, we received a number of supporting letters from outside the College, evidence that we are paying careful attention to our external customers as well."

The following staff members were honored for their service: Wayne G. Baer, senior engineer; Kathryn DeWitt, administrative associate; Catherine June, research secretary; Virginia L. Konz, administrative assistant; Charles Woolley, research associate; and the team of Kaye Voss, office supervisor, and Judy Rocco, office secretary.