The University Record, September 24, 1996

'Trojan Horse' found at some computing sites

Anyone who used DOS or IBM-compatible computers at the Family Housing Computing Site on North Campus, the School of Social Work Computing Site in the Frieze Building, and the Shapiro Undergraduate Library within the past few months is urged to change their password immediately. A "Trojan Horse" masquerading as the login screen has been found on those machines by the Information Technology Division. It is unknown how long it was in place before discovery.

A Trojan Horse is a program that makes you think it is doing one thing when actually it is doing another, such as stealing your password. This particular one, which looks like a login screen but then stores uniqnames and passwords for later extraction, has not been discovered on Macintoshes, but Macintosh computers also are vulnerable to the programs.

Stealing uniqnames and passwords is a violation of state and federal laws, as well as University policies. The University's Department of Public Safety and Security has been notified and is investigating.