The University Record, September 24, 1996

Executive vice president for medical affairs position to be created

Plans to establish a new vice presidency were announced by Interim President Homer A. Neal at last week's Regents' meeting.

Neal said in a statement that he has been "working vigorously over the past several months with the Regents and the executive officers to develop a forward-looking governance and administrative structure for the University of Michigan Medical Center."

"In recent weeks, Regents and executive officers have visited four representative academic health centers. These trips, together with advice from people within the University and from the Regents' special counsel, have been most informative and helpful.

"It has been agreed that the best solution for the University of Michigan will be to create an executive vice president for medical affairs, who would report to the president and to whom both the dean of the Medical School and the director of the University Hospital/Health System would report.

"We expect to describe this position in detail no later than the October Regents' meeting."