The University Record, April 1, 1998

21 women receive career development funding

From the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Twenty-one women faculty members have received Career Development Fund awards in the fifth round of competition for the program.

The fund, part of the Michigan Agenda for Women, provides discretionary accounts of $5,000. The program is designed to recognize and address the disproportionate share of service commitments carried by women faculty.

The funds may be used to support graduate students, travel, books, computers or other discretionary purchases relating to scholarship, research or creative activity. Applicants were selected based on scholarly and service records. Service includes any professionally related activities that take time away from an applicant's scholarly agenda.

Award recipients are:

Naomi Andre, assistant professor of music; Sueann Caulfield, assistant professor of history; Ruth E. Dunkle, professor of social work; Nancy K. Florida, associate professor of Asian languages and cultures;

Barbara Frederickson, assistant professor of psychology; Margaret E. Gnegy, professor of pharmacology; Lorraine M. Gutierrez, associate professor of social work and of psychology; Ann Chih Lin, assistant professor of political science;

Karin A. Martin, assistant professor of sociology; Maria E. Montoya, assistant professor of history and of American culture; Susan Murray, assistant professor of biostatistics; Marianetta Porter, associate professor of art and design; Jeanne Raisler, assistant professor of nursing;

Ellen H. Rowe, associate professor of music; Sharon Stevens, assistant professor of anthropology and of social work; Abigail J. Stewart, professor of psychology and of women's studies; Michele S. Swanson, assistant professor of microbiology/immunology;

Azumi Ann Takata, assistant professor of sociology; Hitomi Tonomura, associate professor of history; Elizabeth Wingrove, assistant professor of political science and of women's studies; and Mieko Yoshihama, assistant professor of social work.