The University Record, April 15, 1998


Staff receive UMatter awards

Several staff members have recently received the UMatter Award. UMatter awards recognize staff members for both outstanding service and actions and day-to-day performance. Any regular staff member may be nominated for a UMatter award by anyone within the University community. Nomination forms are available on the Web at .

January and February awardees are:

Judy Barnes Dooley, graphic artist at the Executive Education Center (EEC) in the School of Business Administration. Dooley was recognized for her "masterful completion" of the EEC's 1997 Annual Report, a key tool for EEC's annual Product Performance Review. Dooley completed the 89-page document in addition to her regular responsibilities over the course of three months to meet the tight deadline requirements. In addition, when it was discovered the day before the review that the wrong data had been provided for a section of the document, Dooley recreated graphs and corrected incorrect data in time for the morning meeting.

Mary Freer, financial analyst, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine. When the Unit discovered its database system had become archaic and ineffective, Freer and Howard Rush, assistant director, investigated potential alternatives and helped make the switch to a more economical database that not only met current needs, but could also adapt to future needs. "With lots of planning and patience," says Freer's nominator, "Mary and Dr. Rush shepherded us through the anxieties, glitches, panics, postponements and finally triumphs of this transition."

Wade Fields, senior draftsperson, Office of Facilities Planning and Design. "Wade's extra initiative has been seen in our department this past year as we have undergone remodeling and relocation of staff," reads his nomination. "Because of his warm demeanor and outstanding initiative, he provides an exceptional effort to the people he serves and to the University that employs him."

Kim Irby, custodian II in Mason Hall, Building Services. Irby was nominated by a student who met her while studying on the third floor of Mason Hall. "During the year and a half I have known Kim, she has consistently impressed me with her dedication to her job. She shows an enthusiasm about the U-M and life in general which brightens my day."

Robert E. Kalmbach, photographer, News & Information Services. Kalmbach's photographs are featured in the Record and other campus publications, and can be seen on the walls of numerous campus offices. Says his nominator, "He consistently contributes to the overall success of the University at the highest levels through exceptional documentary photographs, incorporating a visual record into the written record of the University as reflected in so many of its publications."

Grace Shepard, custodian II at Helen Newberry Residence Hall, and Robin Hartsell, custodian II at Betsy Barbour Residence Hall. "They give 100 percent in their job," says their nomination form. "The students are always praising them on a great job."

Cheryl Sorg, clinical nurse III, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Sorg coordinates nursing care for the gynecology division and its subspecialty clinics. "The patients admire her expertise and compassion," reads her nomination. Sorg also is responsible for nursing education throughout the departments of obstetrics and gynecology.