The University Record, December 10, 1997

1997 Staff Service Awards [40 Year]

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From the Office of Human Resources and Affirmative Action

An important part of the University's development and growth has been dependent upon the contributions made by its staff members. The grouth of a university and hospitals such as ours can be measured in part by the effectiveness of its personnel-those men and women who have chosen to remain and grow with the University.

To all of you, the University expresses its gratitude for your long years of service. Your work is valued and appreciated by our students, patients and co-workers.


Kenneth H. Beaudry, Facilities Planning and Design; Richard A. Bow, Parking Service; Noal J. Brown, Stores;


Judith E. Davids, Radiology; Patricia A. Dersey, Human Resources & Affirmative Action; Phyllis A. Doll, Printing Services;


Jocelyn J. Harwood, North Campus Commons;


Kenneth R. McCrath, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Sidney L. Moore, Youth Services School, Hospitals;


Georges Selim, Construction Management;


Ernie N. Ushiro, Institute for Social Research;


Edmund H. Whale, Health Services.

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