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Vol. 53 No. 21
February 18, 1998

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National Science Foundation Combined Research Curriculum Development Program

The National Science Foundation is soliciting proposals for the FY98 Combined Research Curriculum Development Program (CRCD) (NSF 98-38). The U-M may submit no more than three proposals in response to this announcement. Each proposal must focus on a particular topic that is of industrial and national importance in research areas supported by either the Directorate for Engineering or the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering. The topic area should be one in which the development of educational materials and curricula, based on newly created fundamental engineering and computer and information science knowledge, enhance the education and careers of future engineers and scientists by enabling them to compete in the global environment. If you plan to submit a proposal, contact David Plawchan, 764-7237, or

National Security Education Program

The Department of Defense National Security Education Program (NSEP) seeks to support projects that either develop and disseminate critical information and resources or further the programmatic infrastructure of international education in the U.S. higher education community. The Program seeks proposals that substantively contribute to U.S. national security by emphasizing the study of foreign languages, geographical areas and fields of study designated as critical to U.S. national security. NSEP encourages proposals that: (1) improve language acquisition and cultural knowledge; (2) improve study and work opportunities abroad; (3) stimulate faculty interest and involvement in international aspects of curriculum; (4) improve information dissemination and linkages across institutions; and (5) broaden the base of interdisciplinary and institutional relationships. Preliminary proposal deadline: April 10. For additional information, contact Neil Gerl, 763-6438, or The grant application is available on the Web at nselink/pubs/nsep.

Energy Research Undergraduate Laboratory Fellowships Available for Summer or Fall Term from U.S. Department of Energy

Available to academically talented, undergraduate students in biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, engineering, geology, material science, mathematics, physics and related disciplines. (Graduate students may participate on a case-by-case basis, during the term immediately following their graduation.) The appointments are for 10 weeks during the summer term or for 16 weeks during the fall term.

The fellowships are available at 11 national laboratories. For the application and general information about the program, such as eligibility requirements and deadlines, see the following Web site: Applications can be submitted electronically from the erulf site. The deadlines are rapidly approaching. Early submission of the completed application is strongly encouraged. For additional information, call (423) 576-2478 or e-mail

National Science Foundation Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence

The National Science Foundation is soliciting proposals in Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence (KDI) research (NSF 98-55). In FY98, KDI will have three foci: Knowledge Networking, Learning and Intelligence Systems and New Computational Challenges. Proposals are solicited from individuals or groups for research that is multidisciplinary or, if lying within a single discipline, has clear impact on at least one other discipline.

A letter of intent should be submitted electronically by April 1 to: Proposal Deadline: May 8. (Proposals are required to be submitted via NSF Fastlane.) For additional information on this solicitation, visit the KDI Web site at pubs/1998/nsf9855/nsf9855.htm, or contact David Plawchan, 764-7237, or

U.S. Information Agency Creative Arts Exchange Program

The U.S. Information Agency (USIA) recently announced an open competition for institutions to develop international projects for visual and/or performing artists, educators and arts administrators. The goal of this program is to support ongoing linkages and partnerships between arts organizations or institutions in the U.S. and other countries. Proposed projects should include a role for USIA's colleagues stationed at USIA posts overseas. There are also specific geographic guidelines that include preferences for certain countries. Deadline for the Creative Arts Program, E/P-98-29, is April 2. Contact: Adeline Ryznar, 936-1354.

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