The University Record, February 18, 1998

Recycl(ed) Matters

From Grounds and Waste Management

Waste Management, University Housing and the Environmental Theme Semester have joined forces to sponsor "Ecolympics," a competition among the residence halls to stimulate the conservation of energy and water and reduce the amount of trash and recycled material generated by the halls. The residence hall that conserves the most resources over the term will receive an award and ice cream party.

Those of us who aren't residence hall occupants can still join in the spirit of the project by following a few simple eco-rules:


Turn off lights when they are not being used.


Avoid products with unnecessary packaging.


Use reusable containers.


Use your own bag when shopping.


Avoid disposable eating utensils. Carry your own mug.


Make two-sided copies.


Buy in bulk.


Buy materials with post-consumer recycled content.


Don't let the water run if it's not being used (when brushing your teeth or shaving).

New area code will generate waste

The new area code (734) will make obsolete huge amounts of letterhead, business cards, forms and other paper products. To reduce waste of these materials:


Donate your excess stationery and forms (printed on one side) to ENACT (Environmental Action on Campus), which reuses the paper in notebooks. ENACT will provide your office with desk-side boxes and pick up the materials. Letterhead and forms should be altered to prevent misuse. For information, call Matt Healy, 647-9189.


Use a stamp or sticker to change the area code on existing stationery and forms.


Use old stationery and forms as scrap paper for drafts, notes, in-office memos.


Cut off letterhead and donate the paper to child care centers, pre-schools and other agencies for children to use for drawings and artwork.

Questions about how to put your excess paper to good use? Call Waste Management, 763-5539, or send e-mail to