The University Record, February 18, 1998

Take part in Environmental Theme Semester by conserving paper, energy

This year's theme semester focuses on the environment. Here are some tips to guide you in helping preserve our environment:


Don't leave your computer on overnight or over the weekend.


Wait until you are ready to use your computer before turning it on.


Turn off your computer if you won't be using it for 15 or more minutes.


Turn off your monitor rather than using a screen-saver for short idle periods.


Don't turn on your printer until ready to use it.


Review documents and e-mail messages on screen rather than printing them out.


Communicate with paperless methods, such as e-mail and fax modems.


Recycle paper printed on one side and use it to print drafts.


Use smaller font sizes and decrease line-spacing to keep documents to as few pages as possible.


Print on both sides of paper and make two-sided copies whenever possible.


Use a desk lamp instead of overhead lighting when possible.


Reduce overhead lighting when using a computer. You conserve energy and can see the screen better.

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Compiled by Mike Shriberg, University Housing