The University Record, January 14, 1998

Vol. 53 No. 16
January 14, 1998

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Department of Defense Graduate Fellowship Programs

The Department of Defense plans to award approximately 90 new three-year graduate fellowships in April. National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships will be awarded for study and research leading to doctoral degrees in, or closely related to, one of the following disciplines: aeronautical and astronautical engineering; biosciences; chemical engineering; chemistry; cognitive, neural and behavioral science; computer science; electrical engineering; geosciences; materials science and engineering; mathematics; mechanical engineering; naval architecture and ocean engineering; oceanography and physics. Deadline: Jan. 21. For additional information, contact Neil Gerl, 763-6438, or neilgerl@, or visit the Web site: http://www.battelle. org/ndseg.

U.S. Department of Education Announces 4 FIPSE Grant Programs

The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) programs for 1998 include CFDA 84.116N Program for North American Mobility in Higher Education. This program is designed to increase cooperative activities and the mobility of undergraduate students between the United States, Mexico and Canada. Deadline: Feb. 6.

Disseminating Proven Reforms Program (CFDA 84.116P) is expected to help small groups of postsecondary institutions disseminate proven educational innovations from their original site. Deadline: March 13.

Institutional Restructuring in Higher Education (CFDA 84.116R) is for projects that will curb or reduce the costs of postsecondary education but maintain the same level of quality. Deadline: March 13.

Projects for the Joint Consortia for Cooperation in Higher Education and Vocational Education (CFDA 84.116J) should promote student-centered higher education and training for cooperative activities between the different regions of the European Community and the United States. Deadline: March 20.

Contact Adeline Ryznar for all of the FIPSE programs, 936-1354. Applications will be available in January.

Arctic Sciences Proposal Target Dates Change

The Arctic Sciences Section of the Office of Polar Programs in NSF intends to change the target dates for submission of proposals from June 1 and Dec. 15 to Feb. 15 and Aug. 1. In order to comply with a regulation requiring 90 days notice of such changes, 1998 will be a transition year in which target dates will be April 1 and Aug. 1.

The change is required to provide sufficient time for proposal review and for planning and approval of airlift requirements and research vessel clearances. Proposals requiring C-130 support from the Air National Guard (currently, all Greenland operations) or use of a research vessel must be submitted by the Feb. 15 (April 1 in 1998) target date for work in the subsequent year. Proposals requiring other field work must be submitted by the Aug. 1 target date for work in the subsequent year. Proposals not requiring fieldwork can be submitted for either target date. Proposers cannot expect Feb. 15 (April 1 in 1998) proposals to be approved for the summer of that same year.

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