The University Record, January 14, 1998

Long-distance rates change

From the Information Technology Division

A change in rates for domestic long-distance calls by AT&T that was effective Nov. 8, 1997, has prompted a change in rates charged U-M users, also effective Nov. 8.

"We were not planning to change our rate structure during the current fiscal year," says Andy Palms, manager of the Information Technology Division's (ITD) Communications Services, "but because our rates are based on AT&T's, this change affects us."

Palms says that AT&T has adopted a structure much like the U.S. Postal Service, which charges one rate to mail a letter anywhere in the country. Prior billings from AT&T were based on the distance of the call--the farther away, the higher the rate.

Because the new rate structure is so different, Palms notes, it is not possible to predict whether long distance rates for any particular individual or department will increase. However, he predicts that "the new rate structure actually will result in a lower average phone rate across campus since our billing system will still provide an 18 percent discount off the new AT&T domestic rates."

Faculty and staff with questions about the new AT&T rates should contact an ITD customer service analyst, 763-2000. Students should contact the Residential Service Center, 763-0252.

Here are the new U-M rates, reflecting the 18 percent discount. AT&T rates are in parentheses.

Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-6:59 p.m.
U-M peak rate: $ .23/minute
(AT&T standard rate: $ .28/minute)

Monday-Friday: 7 p.m.-6:59 a.m.
U-M off-peak rate: $ .14/minute
(AT&T discount rate: $ .16/minute)

Saturday-Sunday: 12 a.m. Sat.-11:59 p.m. Sun.
U-M weekend rate: $ .11/minute
(AT&T rate: $ .13/minute)