The University Record, January 21, 1998


Look at other areas of admission preference

The white males writing outraged letters against affirmative action and "racial preference" (Record, Jan. 14) might look at other areas of admission preference. How about publishing the test scores and GPAs of those admitted with regard to athletic ability and those on athletic scholarships, vs. the general U-M student population? How about the GPAs of those admitted with "legacy" considerations vs. the general student population? Are these sacred cows invisible? Education is more than test scores and GPAs, but still some critics will not be satisfied without a return to an all-white male educational environment. Speaking of logic, can't they draw a reasonable conclusion from American history? Is it possible they don't know that African Americans were actively prevented from participation in every form of public life for decades? Why are they so frightened at a future which must contain society's full potential rather than only that fraction of the historically educated and privileged?

Mary S. Roth, LS&A alumna and medical transcriptionist and research secretary, Health System