The University Record, July 8, 1998

1998 Open Enrollment schedule set

From the Benefits Office

The 1998 Open Enrollment schedule will be:

Oct. 5--Education Week: Attend a presentation to get your questions answered. For times and locations, check the list on the Web (, in The University Record or on the poster mailed to your department.

Oct. 12-30--Open Enrollment: Call the BEL phone system and make your benefits choices for 1999. The BEL line is open 7:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. Eastern time seven days a week, except BEL will close at 4:30 p.m. Eastern time Oct. 30. Step-by-step instructions for using BEL appear in your Open Enrollment materials.

Nov. 2-6--Confirmation Statements mailed: Review your Confirmation Statement carefully to make sure it is correct. If it is not, you can make corrections during the Adjustment Period. If your statement requires that you sign and return it, do so by Dec. 31. Keep a copy for your records.

Nov. 9-25--Adjustment Period: Call during the Adjustment Period to make corrections to your benefits choices.

Nov. 26-29--Thanksgiving break.

Dec. 4--Second Confirmation Statements mailed: You will receive a second Confirmation Statement only if you make changes during the Adjustment Period.

1998 Open Enrollment Books to be distributed through Campus Mail

Part of a series of activities in the Benefits Office designed to reduce cost, 1998 Open Enrollment books will be distributed through Campus Mail rather than sending them to staff members' homes via the U.S. Postal Service. (Retirees' Open Enrollment materials will be mailed to their home address.) We anticipate a savings of approximately $100,000 in postage and other mailing costs.

In the past, the Personal Worksheet was enclosed with the book. Since it contains personal, confidential information related to your benefits, the Personal Worksheet will be mailed separately to home addresses.

The Benefits Office, Mail Service and Human Resources Records and Information Systems (HRRIS) are working together to ensure the most accurate mailing addresses possible as well as successful distribution of the Open Enrollment materials.

Address Updates

If your home or office address has changed recently, please contact HRRIS at 764-9250 to be sure that it is correct in the University's records. All benefits mailings use office or home addresses from the HRRIS database. The Benefits Office cannot update addresses because Benefits staff do not have update access to that computer data base.