The University Record, March 18, 1998


To help environment, limit number of children

The Feb. 18 article "Take Part in Environmental Theme Semester by conserving paper, energy" listed some nice ideas like use smaller font sizes, print on both sides, etc., but forgot the most important contribution we can make to the environmentăto limit the number of children we produce to no more than two.

Consumption and pollution are directly proportional to the size of the human population. Everything in the list is trivial compared to the benefit we can cause to the environment by each of us limiting the number of children we produce to at most two.

In our country now-a-days most couples are going for three, four kids; some are even having seven kids in one pregnancy and winning huge prizes. This trend is not helpful to the environment.

If you run this item again later on, I hope the fact that limiting the number of children to at most two is the most beneficial thing to the environment that we can do, will be highlighted prominently.

Katta Murty, professor of industrial and operations engineering