The University Record, March 25, 1998

Women of Asian descent sought for study

By Jane R. Elgass

The School of Nursing is seeking women of Asian descent to participate in a breast cancer screening project. "Breast Cancer Screening Behavior Among Women of Asian Descent" is funded by the University's Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Women of Chinese, Filipino and Korean descent over age 40 interested in participating in the project are encouraged to attend an all-day health promotion seminar 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday (March 28) at the School of Nursing, 400 North Ingalls Building.

Seminar activities include a roundtable discussion with Congresswoman Lynn Rivers, whose district has seen a significant increase in the population of Asian Americans. Seminar organizers will ask for Rivers' support of health issues among Asian Americans in Michigan.

Also appearing at the seminar will be Mary Chung, founder and executive director of the National Asian Women's Health Organization (NAWHO). NAWHO is a community-based health advocacy organization committed to improving the overall health status of Asian women and girls.

Chung recently led a congressional briefing on Asian American women, lobbying for the presentation of breast cancer information and services "in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner."

Women interested in the project who cannot attend the seminar should contact the Healthy Asian American Project, School of Nursing, Room 3248, 400 N. Ingalls Bldg. 0482, or send e-mail to or