The University Record

March 25, 1998
Volume 53, Number 25

Frontpage Photo
Regents' Roundup
Research Reporter
'Sesame Street Unpaved.'
An award-winning mom.
'Cosmic Capers.'
Women of Asian descent sought for study
Child Care Task Force issues recommendations
Larry Warren named to head hospitals, health centers
Humanities Institute names 11 fellows
UCSF's Kenyon to head College ofPharmacy
Learn from lessons of women's suffrage, Roberts says
Humanities, arts fellows named
Proposal for staff compensation study to be presented to administrators
Clinical faculty are official members of executive faculty at Medical School
Health System uses creative approach in seeking new patients
Ships' ballast brings unwelcome critters to Great Lakes
Outreach office emphasizes service to communities across the state
Connerly continues his campaign to end racial preferences
Cities need democratic places of assembly, Sennett says
Osborn students spend day on campus
Drinkwise helps you manage your alcohol use
Red fish, blue fish help clarify cultural aspects of emotion