The University Record, November 5, 1997


Donabedian is Codman Award-winner

Avedis Donabedian, the Nathan Sinai Distinguished Professor of Public Health, received the Ernest A. Codman Award in recognition of his leadership in promoting the use of outcomes measures to improve health care services.

Donabedian, who has written six books in his field, is widely recognized for his structure-process-outcome formulation for quality assessment activities. His model has set the framework for most of today's quality measurement and improvement activities. His professional work focuses on the systemization of knowledge throughout health care organizations, particularly quality assessment and monitoring.

The Codman Award is named for the first physician who advocated the use of outcomes to stimulate improvements in health care. Donabedian was selected by a panel of national experts in quality measurement and improvement.


Wise wins Aristotle Award for teaching

Kensall Wise, the Polly Anderson Professor of Manufacturing Technology and professor of electrical engineering and computer science, has won the 1997 Aristotle Award. The award, given by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), recognizes outstanding teachers and advisers of engineering students who participate in SRC-funded research.

Wise was chosen from more than 200 professors in the United States and Canada. In addition to teaching, Wise is the director of SRC's Center for Excellence in Automated Semiconductor Manufacturing at the U-M and is an innovator in the development of electronic sensors for cars and medical devices.


Tilbury awarded Educom Medal

Dawn Tilbury, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics, has been awarded the 1997 Educom Medal for mechanical engineering. Tilbury and William C. Messner, Carnegie Mellon University, received the award for their work in developing a Web-based teaching aid for Matlab, an engineering software application.

Tilbury and Messner created the Web site last year with funds from a National Science Foundation grant. Some 65 schools worldwide now use the site as part of their Matlab instruction.

The Educom Medal recognizes outstanding contributions for improving undergraduate education through information technology.


Three win M-Quality Awards

Donna Hudgins, Nathan Norman and Bruce Donald were the winners of 1997 M-Quality Awards announced at the EXPO Awards Ceremony.

Hudgins, a custodian in Plant and Building Services, was given the Innovative Team Member Award for her ability to envision and elicit positive expectations and results from individuals and groups, and her proactive approach to problem solving and empowerment.

Norman, director of building services, Plant and Building Services, won the Visionary Award. Norman's co-workers recognized him on the nomination form as "a role model for leaders, for African Americans, for volunteers and anyone who wants to cause positive, empowering change in the workplace."

Donald, pest applicator management specialist, Plant and Building Services, was named the Leadership Award winner. He was recognized for his promotion of diversity and mutual respect in the workplace. A quote from his nomination form characterizes him as a strong-principled man who "leads with a firm and gentle hand. People want to work with him and therein lies his success as a leader."