The University Record, November 12, 1997

New area code requires system changes

As was reported previously in the Record, Ann Arbor will be getting a new area code, 734, beginning Dec. 13. Use of either 734 or 313 will be allowed from then until July 25, 1998, when the new area code becomes mandatory.

Every department and unit on campus will need to change internal documents, directories and advertising that contains their phone numbers. They will need to change stationary, business cards and yellow page listings.

The change in area code also may require changes to systems or other equipment. Systems administrators for the following need to determine if they will need to make the appropriate system changes:

  • Anyone who owns their own telephone system.
  • Units in remote locations such as medical clinics.
  • Owners of fax machines need to reprogram fax identifications.
  • Any unit that has its own modem pool.
  • Anyone with PC-based fax or telephone programs.
  • In addition to system changes, units that deal with alumni or customers outside of Ann Arbor should make sure the new area code is widely publicized to those who need to know. If you have questions about whether your unit needs to make changes, contact the Information Technology Division, 647-8888.