The University Record, November 12, 1997

For the Record

Two lines of text were dropped from the Faculty Perspectives page in the Nov. 5 issue (page 9, third column, last sentence). It should read: Although a search of the historical record is likely to reveal that today’s salary spreads are caused by more than the compounding of earlier spreads, it remains highly likely that recalibration of faculty salary scales would increase equity in compensation. As we cinch ourselves in for the VCM ride up the heights of the campus financial districts, we ought to examine the historical record.

The complete text is available through the Record Archive in the November 5, 1997 issue.

The headline, photo caption and text in the article about the Burnham House in the Nov. 5 issue incorrectly indicated that it will be renamed. It will remain named Burnham House and will house the James D. Reader Jr. Urban Environmental Education Center when moved to the Nichols Arboretum.