The University Record, November 26, 1997

Assembly Roundup

By Jane R. Elgass

The business portion of the November Senate Assembly meeting last week was brief, with most of the time devoted to an address by Provost Nancy Cantor on her new approach to budgeting, reported on elsewhere in this issue.

Members were advised that the recommendation for divestment of tobacco stocks has been forwarded to the executive officers and Regents. Members also were asked to complete a survey indicating the activities they would like the Committee on a Multicultural University to focus on this year.

In addition, members were given a handout updating them on four committees:


Academic Affairs Advisory Committee. The group has met with Cantor to discuss her priorities and formed a subcommittee on the quality and status of teaching. Reviews of deans and chancellors continue and the document "Principles of Faculty Involvement in Institutional and Academic Unit Governance" has been mailed to all faculty. The document also has been endorsed by President Lee C. Bollinger and forwarded to the Dearborn and Flint chancellors. Contacts are John Taylor,, and Carol Loveland-Cherry,


Medical Affairs Advisory Committee. The group met with Gilbert Omenn, executive vice president for medical affairs, who indicated that his aim is to improve the academic performance of the institution, to push the institution to become more involved in effective preventive health care programs and to assist in developing a more efficient and attractive health care system. Issues the group may consider include increasing demands on clinical faculty, the M-CARE preference issue and ways to succeed in the highly competitive health care environment. Contacts are Peter Ward,, and William Ensminger,


Tenure Committee. Tenure policy statements have been received from all Ann Arbor units and have been requested from the Dearborn and Flint schools and colleges. The group's goal is to develop a minimal checklist of basic requirements of due process for tenure. Contacts are Charles Garvin,, and Lewis Kleinsmith,


Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty. The group has formed a subcommittee to review the current benefits package and another to further define the work begun last year on the development of a Universitywide compensation policy. Contacts are Tom Dunn,, and Don Deskins,