'Evolution of Whales' exhibition features
15-million-year change from feet to fins

Exhibit Museum preparator Dan Erickson poses with Dorudon atrox, the star of the Museum's exhibit, 'Back to the Sea: The Evolution of Whales,' which opens to the public Oct. 18. The 20-foot Dorudon lived 38 million years ago. Individuals and groups have supported the project through the Buy a Bone program--$5 for a tooth, $25 for a finger, or the tip of the tail for $10. Donors are invited to the Bone Buyers' Bash on Oct. 17. An Oct. 16 dinner, with a lecture by Prof. Philip D. Gingerich, will kick off the opening. There will be special activities, including live and video presentations, hands-on activities for kids and guided tours of the new exhibit, Oct. 18-19. For more information about buying a bone or the dinner and lecture, call 763-4190. Photo by Bob Kalmbach