The University Record, October 15, 1997


Hagen receives James Neubacher Award

John Hagen, professor of psychology and Executive Officer of the Society for Research in Child Development, is the 1997 recipient of the James Neubacher Award. Hagen was recognized for his many years of research, teaching and service on behalf of stude nts with learning disabilities. The award is presented annually by the Council for Disability Concerns.


Several recognized for work with those with disabilities

Since 1996, the Council for Disability Concerns has awarded certificates of appreciation to faculty and staff who have undertaken exceptional efforts to accommodate employees and students with disabilities.

This year's certificate recipients chosen by the Accessibility Task Force are Pamela Hamblin and Vicky Hueter. Both have worked extensively to remove physical barriers from campus. Hamblin, supervisor of the Facilities Information Center in the Facilities Planning and Design office, has served many years a s a member of the Council for Disability Concerns Accessibility Task Force, and played a key role in producing the regular and on-line versions of the University¹s Campus Accessibil ity Map. Hueter, manager of Housing Facilities Planning, has been involved in the construction of an accessible three-bedroom family housing unit, equipped residence hall rooms and family housing units with devices to alert deaf residents to emergencies, and created a location to read books on tape for blind students.

The Education Task Force honorees are Marian Hallada, Christopher Halatek and Holly Hudson-Hatt. Hallada, a retired lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, worked during her time at the University with graduate student instruc tors on strategies for teaching disabled students, and participated in the production of a video designed to increase faculty awareness of issues affecting students with disabilities. Halatek and Hudson-Hatt represented Herman Miller Inc. in a collaborat ive effort with several University units to develop the Adaptive Technology Computing Site in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library. The site has 10 stations with adjustable height work surfaces and seating, full monitor positioning capability and soundproof partitions.

Awardees chosen by the Employment Task Force are Kristopher Carlisle, Margaret Rock and John Ryan. Carlisle, foreman in Building Maintenance at University Hospital, has been innovative in creating transitional work for injured workers who need to maintain employment in an area requiring extensive physical labor. Rock, clinical manager in Medical Information Services, has been very supportive of returning injured employees to their jobs and modifying jobs so that those with med ical restrictions can continue work. Ryan, manager of the Executive Residence, was recognized for his commitment to the Executive Residence Quality Health and Safety Initiative, assessing job functions to assure that tasks are not physically harmful, and helping employees who cannot return to their former positions find other positions.