The University Record, September 10, 1997

DRDA Research Notes

GSRA Stipends for Fiscal Year 97-98

The Graduate Student Research Assistant stipends have been set for FY 97-98. The following stipends are the minimum recommended levels and can be set higher, based on the policies of individual schools and colleges:.

Per term: 25 percent appointment, $2,697; 50 percent appointment, $5,394

Academic year (2 terms): 25 percent appointment, $5,394; 50 percent appointment, $10,787

12-month appointment: 25 percent appointment, $8,091; 50 percent appointment, $16,182

The College of Engineering has established the minimum rate for a 50 percent GSRA appointment as $5,651.50 per term or $11,303 for academic year appointments.

The University provides tuition remission equal to the non-resident differential for out-of-state graduate students who are appointed as GSRAs. To facilitate the preparation of budgets, sponsored projects are charged average tuition rates regardless of the number of credit hours for which the GSRAs are enrolled. These rates per term for FY 97-98 are:

Engineering Students: fall & winter terms, $5,062; spring & summer half-terms, $2,125; spring-summer full term, $2,563.

All Other Students: fall & winter terms, $4,428; spring & summer half-terms, $1,918; spring-summer full term, $2,317.

Project Directors should check with their dean's office to determine if their unit is participating in the tuition fellowship program.

GSRAs with appointments of 25 percent or greater are eligible for health care benefits under GRADCARE rather than the University staff benefits program. The monthly premiums are:

Single person, through 12/97, $106/month; after 1/1/98, $123/month

Two persons, through 12/97, $256/month; after 1/1/98, $237/month

Family Plan, through 12/97, $312/month; after 1/1/98, $275/month

Detailed information on resident GSRA tuition and fees, tuition fellowships, and health care benefits is available on the Research Reporter Web page,, under News, Events & Workshop s.


USDA National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program, FY 98


Plant Responses to the Environment (Soils and Soil Biology, Water Resources Assessment and Protection, Improving Human Nutrition for Optimal Health, Weed Biology and Management). Deadline: Nov. 15.

Plant Genome (Plant Genetic Mechanisms, Plant Growth and Development, Photosynthesis and Respiration, Markets and Trade, Rural Development, Food Characterization/Process/Product Research, Non-Food Characterization/Process/Product Research). Deadline: D ec. 15.

Ensuring Food Safety (Animal Reproductive Efficiency, Animal Health and Well-Being, Plant Pathology, Entomology and Nematology, Biologically Based Pest Management, Improved Utilization of Wood and Wood Fiber). Deadline: Jan. 15.

Animal Growth, Development and Nutrient Utilization (Animal Genetic Mechanisms and Gene Mapping, Nitrogen Fixation/Nitrogen Metabolism, Research Career Enhancement Awards (Sabbatical Awards) , Equipment Grants, Seed Grants, Agricultural Systems). Deadli ne: Feb. 15.

For additional information, contact Paul Cunningham, 936-1289, or e-mail


U.S. Department of Education to support FIPSE Comprehensive Program

The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) has announced its Comprehensive Program, an annual competition to support innovative programs to improve postsecondary education. Deadline is Oct. 24 for CFDA 84.116. Contact: Adeline Ryz nar, 936-1354.



National Endowment for the Humanities Provides Grants for Public Program

The Public Program of the National Endowment for the Humanities includes Planning/Scripting and Implementation/Production for radio and television programs in the humanities; exhibitions and programs in libraries and museums; lecture series and public sy mposia; and multimedia projects or new technologies. Deadline: Jan. 12. These applications were mailed to various departments. Contact: Adeline Ryznar, 936-1354.


U.S. Information Agency to Fund International Training Programs

The U.S. Office of Citizen Exchanges of the U.S. Information Agency will fund training programs in Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom. A specific project focus has been designated for each country (see application). Among t he projects considered will be parliamentary staff exchanges, journalism practices and ethics, local government administration, and student political activists. Deadline is Oct. 31 for E/P-98-03. Contact: Adeline Ryznar, 936-1354.