The University Record

September 10, 1997
Volume 52, Number 2

Special Edition

  • 'Fanfare for a new president'

  • Special book prepared for signing during ceremony

  • Broadway Bridges special design project part of community program

  • Art, humanities symposium features scholarly historical, artistic and performance presentations, Broadway Bridges

  • Mace an important part of tradition in ceremonial events

    Frontpage Photo
    Researchers say sleep patterns may cause cluster headaches
    Importance of 'overall education' stressed to Class of 2001
    Ticket buyers: Beware of counterfeiters
    Copies of The University Record delayed
    Almost there
    Climate and Character, report on Mandate, Women's Agenda, available
    Elevated Art?
    Washington's Omenn recommended for EVPMA
    Fall theme semester is 'Gender, Bodies, Borders'
    Goss to be recommended as new athletic director
    A Q & A on the campus gyspy moth infestation
    Festivities feature academic procession through Central Campus, 5K walk/run
    Investment Update
    New equipment allows Library to preserve and protect
    White male advantage continues beyond retirement
    Surgeons use Stone Age technology for delicate surgery
    First fall activities full of fun
    For the Record . . .
    Research Reporter