The University Record, September 17, 1997

Crime Report

By Rebecca A. Doyle

DPS seeks help to identify man

Department of Public Safety (DPS) Capt. James Smiley is asking anyone who has any information about a 45- to 55-year-old man admitted to the Medical Center last week to call DPS at 763-1131. The white male is 6'4" tall, weighs 195 pounds and carried no identification when he checked in at the Medical Center Sept. 8. He has no memory of who he is or where he came from, Smiley says, but may have recently spent time somewhere in the Mountain Time Zone. He was wearing a white shirt and white pants and appeared to be in good health except for his memory loss.

A photograph of the man is available on the Web at


Summer fires spark arrest

An 18-year-old male student was arrested Sept. 8 and charged with arson in connection with several fires in Mary Markley Residence Hall during August.

Smiley says officers responded to a call from residence hall staff and on several occasions found papers taped to the bathroom walls that had been set on fire, trash cans and billboards that had been burned. Although total damage from the fires is less than $500, "it is an extremely serious thing to set fires in a residence hall," Smiley says.

The student was charged with one count of arson and released on personal recognizance, pleading not guilty at his arraignment. The case is pending in the 15th District Court and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for today (Sept. 17).


Student tutor arrested for smuggling drugs into prison

A male student who was volunteering at an area prison facility as a tutor was arrested Sept. 2 by Michigan State Police on charges of smuggling marijuana into a prison in February. State police developed information following the alleged incident that led to the issuance of a felony warrant during the summer, and DPS arrested the student when he returned to campus for classes.

The student was turned over to the state police and the case is pending in Wayne County's 35th District Court. State police are continuing to investigate the incident.


Arrested woman kicks out window in DPS vehicle

A 19-year-old woman accused of robbing a juvenile Aug. 13 near the West Hall Arch was arrested the following day and charged with unarmed robbery and malicious destruction to police property after she kicked out a window in the car of the arresting DPS officer.

The suspect, who is not affiliated with the University, reached a plea agreement with the court on Aug. 27 and the charge was reduced to larceny under $100. The felony charge was dropped.


Parking permit thefts continue; resale value highest in fall

Smiley reports that thefts of staff hang tag and static parking permits continue to rise and faculty and staff who leave their cars unlocked and tags in plain sight are at risk of losing them. Parking permits have the highest resale value for thieves in the fall after they are first issued, he notes.

Last week, more than six permits were reported missing from vehicles belonging to faculty and staff.