The University Record, September 17, 1997

Goldenberg outlines LSA achievements of past year

By Kerry Colligan

"We're well on the road to a successful transition. Now, our efforts should focus on stewardship," LSA Dean Edie N. Goldenberg said in her annual address to LSA faculty at their Sept. 8 meeting.

Goldenberg said faculty and staff in the College should be proud of the advancements made in strengthening the faculties and facilities of the science departments, as well as sustaining excellence in the social science departments.

"We can be pleased about remarkable positive developments in a number of humanities and interdisciplinary areas. We have established the Humanities Awards and have put the Humanities Institute on a sound financial foundation. And we have developed adequate salary supplements for distinguished national and international awards to our faculty."

In addition to strengthening faculty, Goldenberg discussed the augmentation of staff development. The College, she said, "has developed an impressive group of key administrators. We have done this by helping them develop career paths, by building teamwork across the College, by offering more adequate compensation and by providing learning opportunities to the staff.

"We have also diversified and strengthened College leadership through elections to College committees and appointments of chairs, directors and deans."

She also reflected on the progress of the College over the past five years in the development of programs and resources. Among the programs and resources Goldenberg discussed are:


Increasing enrollment in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.


Launching outreach programs in math and English language instruction.


Investing in computing resources.


Dedicating Tisch Hall (Sept. 25) and the newly renovated East Hall (mid-October).

Her remarks on the financial status of the College were positive as well. The LSA endowment has almost doubled in the past five years (topping $156 million in March 1997), largely as a result of the College's fund-raising campaign. "This is important," Goldenberg said, "not because it may be the largest fund-raising campaign ever achieved in arts and sciences at a public institution, but because of what it means for our faculty, our students, our programs and our aspirations."

Goldenberg stated that though the faculty and staff of LSA have been good stewards throughout the "pervasive transition period" of the last few years, "the most important part of our stewardship is ensuring the continuation of an outstanding faculty. I think we can feel very optimistic about that."


LSA faculty honored

LSA held its first faculty meeting Sept. 8. In addition to recognition of new faculty in departments across the College, Dean Edie N. Goldenberg joined faculty in recognizing the following recipients of named professorships, new chairs, directors and a new dean, and recipients of special awards:

Named Professorships:

Roger Gordon, Kempf Chair of Economics

Maris Vinoskis, A.M. and H.P. Bentley Professor of History

Alan Deardorff, John W. Sweetland Professor of International Economics


Richard Candida Smith, director, American Culture Program

Robert E. Whallon, Jr., director, Museum of Anthropology

Sharon C. Herbert, director, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Joseph P. Marino, chair, chemistry

Simon E. Gikandi, director, comparative literature

Michael M. Martin, acting director, Honors Program

William Ingram, Director, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program

Thomas R. Trautmann, director, Institute for the Humanities and Mary Fair Croushore Professor of Humanities

Jeffrey B. Rausch, acting chair, mathematics

Thomas N. Tentler, director, Medieval and Renaissance Collegium

Arland D. Thornton, acting director, Population Studies Center

Jose M. Rabasa, chair, Romance languages and literature

Ejner J. Jensen, acting director, Gayle Morris Sweetland Writing Center and English Composition Board

Anthony Francis, associate dean for research, computing and facilities

Special Awards:

Merla Wolk, lecturer in English, Matthews Underclass Teaching Award

Rebecca Lange, assistant professor of geological sciences, Class of 1923 Memorial Teaching Award

Santhadevi Jeyabalan, lecturer in biological sciences and faculty counselor in the Honors Program, Ruth M. Sinclair Memorial Award

Frederick Peters, lecturer in German literature in the Residential College, Excellence in Concentration Advising Award

L. Ariella Zeller, former undergraduate adviser in American Culture Program, Excellence in Concentration Advising Award

Mario Mateo, assistant professor of astronomy, Class of 1923 Memorial Teaching Award

Frank Yates, professor of psychology, Perrin Faculty Award