The University Record, September 24, 1997

The Inauguration of Lee C. Bollinger

Selected comments on the Inaugural address

'It was quite appropriate. We're going into a new century with a new president. He has a lot of vision for the University and it's great to hear. One thing he said that I really liked was "To make one's history visible is the first step in taking one's self seriously." I think this is something all students should embrace.'

Oveta Fuller, associate professor of microbiology and immunology

'It's great to be a part of all this, though I haven't really felt the effects of having a new president yet.'

Ian Freedman, LS&A senior and member of the Pep Band, which played at the Ingalls Mall reception

'The ceremony was terrific, really well done. The nicest innovation was having representatives from different parts of the University services, Rackham, alumni, students that was really nice to see.'

Martha Vicinus, chair, Department of English

'The ceremony was very moving. It provides not only a great deal of vision, but provides some energy to continue the scholarly work that's done here. It was invigorating.'

Arie L. Nettles, assistant research scientist and assistant professor, School of Education

'I liked what he [Bollinger] had to say. He could have maybe been more specific about a platform for the humanities at the University, but he's a good motivational speaker and it was a good step toward a wonderful year.'

Pete Myers, Residential College senior

'The new president's commitment to a passionately non-partisan university is perhaps the most important message brought to us today.'

Richard W. Bailey, professor of English