The University Record, April 5, 1999

Michigan Gardening Guide prescription for spring fever

By Joanne Nesbit
News and Information
Artwork by Patricia Duque

Michigan's varying climate zones and soil conditions challenge the most ardent gardener. The Michigan Gardening Guide offers helpful hints and solutions for all manner of gardening in all parts of Michigan.

Published by the U-M Press and written by veteran garden writer Jerry Minnich, the guide offers step-by-step directions and practical tips for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, landscaping plants and house-plants, as well as advice on hundreds of garden operations.

The guide begins where gardening begins--with the soil. Minnich tells how to build healthy and productive soil and how to solve soil problems. He shares techniques for composting and mulching, and what to do about the ever-changing Michigan weather.

More than 60 Michigan vegetables are described in the guide with information on how to grow them. Lists of recommended varieties are given for each. Minnich also includes chapters on growing fruits, berries and nuts, and on food storage.

The Guide has a chapter on growing annuals and perennials; and another on lawns, trees, and ornamental woody plants. The author also gives hints on how to deal with insect and animal pests without using harmful chemicals.

The reader will learn how to deal with weeds in the lawn, how to surf the landscape for composting materials and how to grow mulch at home. Intercropping, companion planting, seed saving, cover cropping and strip composting are among some of the gardening techniques covered.

To order the book, call Michael Kehoe, 936-0388, or send a fax to 615-1540.