The University Record, April 19, 1999


The Record Calendar lists events submitted by University-sponosored groups and organizations and student groups recognized by the Michigan Student Assembly. Items must be submitted in writing to The University Record, 412 Maynard St., 1399, by fax, 764-7084, or by e-mail,, by 5 p.m. the Tuesday six days prior to publication. Asterisk (*) denotes events to which admission is charged.


Tuesday, April 20

CMENAS--End of Term Party, 3 pm, Hill Aud, 764-0350.

English Dept--L Kasden, Hopwood Awards Ceremony, 3:30 pm, Rackham Aud, 764-6296.

CEW--Scholarship Award Ceremony, 7:30 pm, Rackham Amphi, 998-7080.

Thursday, April 22

*U-M-Dearborn--Fine Arts Associates tour (reg req), 9:30 am, (313) 593-5058.

Saturday, April 24

*U-M-Dearborn--Fine Arts Associates tour (reg req), 9:15 am, (313) 593-5058.

*Fulbright Assn--J Hathaway, Coming to Grips with the International Regugee Crisis (reg req), noon, Vandenberg Rm, Mich League, 971-1893.

*Exhibit Museum--Stars of Spring, 10:30 & 11:30 am, 1:30 & 2:30 pm; The Loneliness Factor, 12:30 & 3:30 pm, 764-0478.

Sunday, April 25

*Exhibit Museum--Stars of Spring, 1:30 & 2:30 pm, The Loneliness Factor, 3:30 pm, 764-0478.

*Matthaei--Tour, A Gardener's Fare: Exotic House Plants, 2 pm, 998-7061.

Museum of Art--Tour, Seeing It Through: Faculty Artists, 2 pm, 764-0395.

Wednesday, April 28

Biological Sciences--Retirement party for Jack Warner, 3-5 pm, Exec Conf Rm, LSA Bldg, 764-0324.

Arts and Entertainment

Monday, April 19

Music Sch--Vocal Arts Lab, 6:30 pm, Britton Recital Hall, Moore Bldg, 764-0594.

Pierpont Commons--Jazz, 8-10 pm, Leonardo's, 764-7544.

Tuesday, April 20

Music Sch--Comp Showing, Videodance & Life Forms, 2:30 pm, Pease Studio Theatre, 764-0594.

Music Sch--University Symphony Orchestra & Women's Choir, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 764-0594.

Wednesday, April 21

Museum of Art--ArtVideo, Franz Kline Remembered, 12:10 pm, Media Rm, 764-0395.

Thursday, April 22

Gifts of Art--Father & Daughter Variety Show, 12:10 pm, Univ Hosp Lobby, Fl 1, 936-ARTS.

Museum of Art--ArtVideo, Franz Kline Remembered, 7:30 pm, Media Rm, 764-0395.

*Univ Mus Soc--Monsters of Grace, (Version 1.0), 8 pm, Mich Theater, 764-2538.

Friday, April 23

*Dept of Dance--Dance Works spring concert, 8 pm, Pease Theater, Dance Bldg, 764-0450.

*Univ Mus Soc--Lincoln Ctr Jazz Orchestra, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 764-2538.

Saturday, April 24

*Dept of Dance--Dance Works spring concert, 8 pm, Pease Theater, Dance Bldg, 764-0450.

Sunday, April 25

Museum of Art--Japanese Tea Ceremony, 3 pm, Japanese Gallery, 764-0395.

*Univ Mus Soc--NHK Symphony Orchestra of Toyko, 4 pm, Hill Aud, 764-2538.

Monday, April 26

*Dance Dept--Young Choreographers Dance Concert, 8 pm, Pease Theater, Dance Bldg, 763-5460.

Music Sch--Guest Presentation by Indian dancers, 8:30 pm, Britton Recital Hall, Moore Bldg, 764-0594.

Wednesday, April 28

Museum of Art--ArtVideo, In Search of Rothko, 12:10 pm, Media Rm, 764-0395.

*HRD, 764-7410, reg req
2030 Administrative Services Bldg

Tuesday, April 20

*Leading Through Change and Transition, 8:30 am-4 pm.

Thursday, April 22

*Presenting a Professional Image, 8 am-5 pm.

Tuesday, April 27

*Self-Understanding for Better Communication: A New Model for Success, 1-5 pm.

ITD, 763-3700,
all in 1008 NUBS
unless otherwise noted, reg req

Monday, April 19

*SQL Intermediate, 8:30 am-12:30 pm, Rm NI3F30, NIB.

*Excel Macros & VBA, 8:30 am-12:30 pm.

*Access Tables & Relationships, 1-5 pm.

Tuesday, April 20

*FileMaker Pro Layouts & Forms, 8:30 am-12:30 pm, Rm 3336C/D, Media Union.

*E-mail at U-M, 8:30-10:30 am.

*Office 98-What's New, 3-4:30 pm, Argus, 519 W William.

Wednesday, April 21

*NetWare 4.

11 to NetWare 5 Upgrade (Pt C1), 8:30 am-4:30 pm, ICB, 201 E Hoover.

*Getting Started with Web Publishing at U-M, 9 am-noon, Rm NI3F30, NIB.

*PageMaker Advanced, 1-4 pm.

Thursday, April 22

*NetWare 4.

11 to NetWare 5 Upgrade (Pt C2), 8:30 am-4:30 pm, ICB, 201 E Hoover.

*Access Introduction, 8:30 am-12:30 pm.

Friday, April 23

*NetWare 4.

11 to NetWare 5 Upgrade (Pt C3), 8:30 am-4:30 pm, ICB, 201 E Hoover.


Monday, April 19

RCGD--W Wood, Group Identity, Self Identity and Social Influence, 3:45 pm, Rm 6050, ISR, 615-0463.

Physics--E Smith, Next Generation Space Telescope, 4 pm, Rm 340, West Hall, 764-4437.

Physics--A Foland, B-Bbar Mixing at CLEO, 4 pm, Rm 335, West Hall, 764-4437.

PREVENT--T Gumbleton, The Injustice of Sanctions Against Iraq, 4 pm, Pond Rm, Mich Union, 662-2216.

CAUP--W Bruder, John Dinkeloo Memorial lecture, 6 pm, Chrysler Aud, 764-1300.

Tuesday, April 20

Turner--N Siqueira, India: Its Fascination (Pt Two), 10 am-noon, Rm 1139, Turner Geriatric Clinic, 764-2556.

IRWG--M Hays, Schooling Women in the Nation: Women Teachers & the Quest for Women's Education in Croatia, 1869-1914, 1-2:30 pm, Rm 1024, Tisch Hall, 764-9537.

Physics--W Ketterle, CM/AMO, 4 pm, Rm 335, West Hall, 764-4437.

Env Management--H Henderson, Sustainable Futures, 4 pm, Hale Aud, 763-8155.

Health Night Out--Panel: Are You a Sitting Duck for Computer-Related Problems?, 7:30-9:30 pm, Kellogg Eye Ctr Aud, 763-9000, cat 1075.

Ped Grand Rounds--R Kroc, State of the Art of Multicultural Education, 8-9 am, Maternal & Child Health Aud, 763-7512.

Wednesday, April 21

Psychiatry--J Fingert Chused, The Treatment of a Boy with a Gender Identity Disorder: Why Jimmy Wants to Be a Girl, 10:30 am-noon, MCHC Aud, 936-5891.

Pharmacology--M Zile, Retinoids & Embryonic Development, noon, Rm 6319, Med Sci I, 764-8165.

Medical Sch--Conf, Diversity & Healthcare: The Impact of Multiculturalism on Health, 1:30-5 pm, Ford Aud, Univ Hospital, 936-1531.

Thursday, April 22

Gerontology Inst--A Hermalin, Setting the Agenda for Aging Research in Developing Countries, 3:30-5 pm, Rm 904, 647-9982.

Museum of Art--D Reich, ArtFocus, Ave Maria: Renaissance Images of Mary, 6 pm, 764-0395.

*Matthaei--F Case, A Michigan Wildflower Sampler, 7 pm, 998-7061.

Friday, April 23

Dialogues on Diversity--P Igasaki, State Ballot Initiatives and the Elimination of Affirmative Action, 3 pm, Kuenzel Rm, Mich Union, 647-2655.

Physics--V Anferov, Polarized Protons in the 3 TeV VLHC Booster, 4 pm, Rm 335, West Hall, 764-4437.

Saturday, April 24

Ofc Multicultural Affrs--B Williams, National Health Disparities: Ethnic Health Organizations Bridging the Gap, noon, Koessler Rm, Mich League, 936-1615.

Sunday, April 25

Turner--L Pastalan, Forum for Adult Children of Aging Parents, 1-3 pm, Turner Resource Ctr, 764-2556.

Monday, April 26

M-Fit--Introduction to Fitting in Fitness workshop (reg req), East Ann Arbor Health Ctr, 7 pm, 995-9807.

Tuesday, April 27

Health Night Out--Toddlerhood: Parenting the Young & the Restless, 7:30-9:30 pm, Kellogg Eye Ctr Aud, 763-9000, cat 1075.

Wednesday, April 28

Psychiatry--P Nopoulos, Midline Brain Abnormalities in Patients with Schizophrenia, 10:30 am-noon, MCHC Aud, 936-5891.

Pharmacology--H Robertson, The Search for Mechanisms: Studies in the Transgenic Mouse Models for Neurological & Psychiatric Brain Disorders, noon, Rm 6319, Med Sci I, 764-8165.

U-M-Flint--G & N Jaax, Critical Issues Forum: Biohazards & Germ Warfare, noon, Harding Mott Univ Ctr, (810) 762-3350.


Monday, April 19

Senate Assembly--M Krislov, Intellectual Property Policy, 3:15 pm, Rackham Amphi.


Wednesday, April 21

Women's softball vs MSU, 2 pm, Alumni Field, 763-6441.


Monday, April 19

*Matthaei--S Nikkila, Garden Preparation (reg req), 6-9 pm, 998-7061.

Wednesday, April 21

N Campus International Ctr--Moving & Shipping, 11:30 am, Rm B510, Pierpont Commons, 936-4180.

Comprehensive Cancer Ctr--Panel: Too Tired to Tango? Give Cancer Fatigue the Old One-Two (reg req), 7-9 pm, Livonia W Holiday Inn, (800) 742-2300, cat.


*Matthaei--E Weatherbee, Spring Morning Hiker (reg req), 9 am-noon, 998-7061.

Thursday, April 22

*Exhibit Museum--Earth Day: Nature Writing (reg req), 3:30-5:30 pm, 647-6421.

Saturday, April 24

*Exhibit Museum--Dino-mite Designs (reg req), 9:30-11:30 am, 647-6421.

Monday, April 26

N Campus International Ctr--Training & Employment (F Visas), 1 pm, Rm B510, Pierpont Commons, 936-4180.

Wednesday, April 28

*M-Fit--L Burt & K Goldberg, Quick Breads & Muffins, 6-8 pm, East Ann Arbor Health Ctr, 998-6736.

Yost Ice Arena

*Public skating, 764-4600 Noon-12:50 pm Monday-Friday, 8-9:50 pm ; Thursday, 2-3:50 pm & 7-8:50 pm Saturday, 2-3:50 pm Sunday.

Regular MeetingsAlcoholics Anon--Unity AA Group, Mon-Frid, closed disc, 12:10 pm, Rm 3100, Mich Union, 332-1247.

Guild House--Women's Book Group, noon-1 pm, 2nd & 4th Mondays; Sexuality & Spirituality: Exploring the Connections, 7-8 pm Thursdays; Students Involved in the Global Neighborhood, 5-7 pm Sundays, 802 Monroe St; Bible Study Group, noon-1 pm, 1st & 3rd Mondays, 432 S 4th Ave, 662-5189.

Health System Pulmonary Rehab--Ann Arbor Better Breathers, 2-4 pm, 1st Monday, Domino's Farms EBA Club, 998-8723.

HIV/AIDS Support Group--5:30-7:30 pm, alt Thurs, Taubman Ctr, (888) 224-7939 or 936-8186.

LGBT Affairs--Creative Expressions Group, 1 pm Saturdays, call for room number, 763-4186.

Turner Geriatric Clinic--Caring for Your Mate, 2-3:30 pm, 4th Tuesday, Conf Rm, Cancer & Geriatrics Ctr, 764-2556; Caring for Aging Relatives, 2nd Weds, Ste C, Turner Resource Ctr, 764-2556.


Campus Information Centers: 1st Floor, Michigan Union, and Lobby, Pierpont Commons, 763-INFO,

Medicare Assistance Program: 9:30-11:30 am Tuesdays, Turner Senior Resource Ctr, 2401 Plymouth Rd, Ste C; 764-2556.

Photo ID: Mon-Fri, Entree Plus Ofc, Pierpont Commons, 8:30 am-5 pm, 763-6294; Wolverine Tower, G270, 3003 S State, 8 am-5 pm, 763-7671; Student Activities Bldg, Rm 100, 8 am-5 pm, 763-4632.

Med Inn Bldg, Rm C158, 7 am-4:30 pm.

SAFEWALKShapiro Undergrad Lib, 7:30 pm-2:30 am Sun-Thurs, 8 pm-midnight Fri-Sat, 936-1000.

NORTHWALKBursley Residence Hall, 8 pm-1:30 am Sun-Thurs, closed Fri-Sat, 763-WALK.


AFROAMERICAN MUSIC COLLECTION--Collection of books, periodicals, original 78 rpm recordings from 1945-55, videos, sheet music, articles and photographs, 106 West Hall, 764-8338.


Permanent exhibits covering dinosaurs and fossils, Michigan wildlife, Native Americans, anthropology, geology and astronomy.

Back to the Sea: The Evolution of Whales; 1109 Geddes, 764-0478.

GIFTS OF ART--Through April 29 : Photography by Ann O'Hagan, Univ Hospital Lobby, Fl 1; Photography by Carole Fletcher, Taubman Lobby, N, Fl 1; Blown Glass by Barbara Yerace, Taubman Lobby, N, Fl 1; Student Art Exhibition by Saline Area Schools, Taubman Lobby, S, Fl 1; Paintings by Diana Gamerman, Univ Hospital Main Corridor, W, Fl 2; Ceramics by Lilli Blackburn, Cancer & Geriatrics Ctr, Main Lobby, Fl B2; Photography by Doris Kays Kraushaar, Cancer & Geriatrics Ctr, Turner Clinic Lobby, Fl 1; 936-ARTS.

KELSEY MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY--Music in Roman Egypt; Medieval Middle East; 763-3559.

MICHIGAN LEAGUE BUFFET--Through April 30 : Watercolor Paintings by Ginger Papania, 763-4652.

MUSEUM OF ART--Through May 2 : Photographs by Hana Hamplova, 1979-1987, Lobby Gallery; Through May 2 : Magdalena Abakanowicz & the Mindless Crowd, Twentieth Century Gallery; Through May 28 : Body Image, Works on Paper Gallery; Through July 3 : Seeing It Through: Faculty Artists from the School of Art & Design, West Gallery; 764-0395.

PIERPONT COMMONS--Through May 2 : Faculty Women's Club Painting exhibition, Gallery Wall; Through May 1 : Focal Point, Through May 3 : Bi-focal: The Living Terrain, Atrium Gallery; 764-7544.

RACKHAM GALLERIES--Through April 22 : MFA Thesis Exhibition by Shawn Alexander, 936-2082.

RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE--Through May 2 : Continuum by E Lasner, J Nelson & E Noack, Art Gallery, 936-1998.

SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN--Through April 22 : structural revival by Yvette Amstelveen, Robbins Ctr for Grad Studies, 936-2082.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARY--Through May 28 : Just Look at the Pictures: Book Illustrations of Theatre Architecture and Scenic Design, 7th Fl, Graduate Library, 764-9377.

THE STEARNS COLLECTION--One of six major collections of instruments in North America.

Contains more than 2,000 instruments, ranging from period pieces to exotica.

School of Music, 763-4389.

U-M-DEARBORN--Through May 2 : Flameworking, Alfred Berkowitz Gallery, (313) 593-5058.