The University Record, April 19, 1999


Kudos to colleagues

Amid the piles of mail concerning a variety of controversial subjects, may I offer a refreshing change.

So many times we hear about contract changes that affect this group or that group. People fighting over this space or that space. But within this sea of unrest, frustration, and anxiety, rest assured there is a calm eye. A steady course led by Rick Hadden of the U-M Key Office.

Last December, I had a very major operation resulting in time off work, rehab, and then returning to work. To aid me during my first few weeks back to work, this fine group of U-M employees--Rick Hadden, Brenda O'Neal, Eileen Clements, Bob Croskey, Mike Schleyer, Mike Adams, Rocky Mayne, Doug Rampy, John Finkbeiner, Ernie Loucks, and even others not from the Key Office--chipped in and bought me parking permits for half of January and all of February so I wouldn't have to chance walking on snow and ice.

So if you are one of those who is complaining about the U-M, remember the Key Office staff. They are the best bunch of people in the world to work with. I salute them all and to each a special thanks. I am now back up to almost full speed.

Bill Speer, office assistant, Key Office

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