The University Record, April 19, 1999

Snap shots

Granite is base of physics project

Workers move into place a 21-foot long granite slab that will become the base of a project to detect sub-atomic particles. The granite slab weighs more than 60,000 pounds and will be fitted with 40,000 metal tubes and 500 wires that are 1/1000 of an inch thick over the next few months. Photo by Bob Kalmbach

Art Matters Week alerts campus community to local works of art

In an effort to inspire passersby to recognize and appreciate the presence of art in the campus community, members of the student group Art Matters decorated prominent works of art on campus including Daedalus, Sunday Morning in Deep Waters, The Rock and benches (above) as part of Art Matters Week, held annually during the first week of April. Photo by Paul Jaronski, Photo Services

Play ball!

Second baseman Bobby Scales, a senior in kinesiology, makes the catch during the April 3 game against Illinois. Photo by Bob Kalmbach

Exhibition explores 'Nature of Things'

A portion of Sahashi Inuzuka 'Nature of Things' exhibition is on display through May at the Institute for the Humanities in the Rackham Building. An Institute fellow from the School of Art and Design, Inuzuka works in ceramics, producing large and complex installations that feature contrasting elements into raw and fired clay, variation and repetition, fact and fantasy, female and male, light and dark, natural materials and human labors. In his work, he says, place the image of creature/bacteria, serve as a metaphor for the natural world and nature within the human individual. I enjoy making installations that pose questions and allow viewers to find meaning in my work through their own experiences and interpretations. Photo by Bob Kalmbach