The University Record, April 26, 1999

North Campus road work begins May 3

Editor's Note: View the construction map.

The North Campus Roadway Reconstruction project will begin May 3. A description of the five phases and the weather-dependent schedule is listed below. Parking lots within the project limits will have 'Local Traffic Only' access from one direction. Detour signs will guide traffic around closed roadways. For more information, call Patti Spence, project engineer, 936-3184, or Tom Keast, 647-1332.

  • Phase 1: May 3-20, Beal Ave.: McIntyre--Plymouth Road, North Bursley Service Drive, and Baits-Hubbard to Broadway.

  • Phase 2: May 21-June 15, Bishop: Cram Circle--Beal, Murfin: Hubbard--600 feet north.

  • Phase 3: June 16-July 12, Murfin: Bonisteel--Hubbard.

  • Phase 4: July 13-30, Hubbard: Murfin--1,000 feet east.

  • Phase 5: Aug. 2-6, Top layer of asphalt and striping for phases 1-4.