The University Record, August 16, 1999

Housing staff is ‘Off and Running’

Residence Hall Repertory Theater Troupe (RESREP) members (from left) Dayna Recchia, Ben Feldman, Josh Barricklow and Dia Hodari performed skits for Housing Division staff at the annual ‘pep rally’ to get ready for the fall move-in days ahead. Above, the troupe performed The Freshman Year in Four Minutes, showing what choices face incoming freshmen. The program, titled ‘Off and Running,’ is designed to bring together Housing staff as a team and get geared up to welcome students to campus. Student Move-in begins Aug. 29. Photo by Bob Kalmbach

Snap shots

Moving over to make room

Statues of Flora (at right) and Nydia at the Museum of Art were moved this summer to make way for a new gift shop, designed and built by Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning students. Here, Kim Mata (at left) and Tom Heller move Flora to a new spot by the front door of the museum, where she and Nydia will face each other. The new gift shop is a free-standing structure that contains custom-made niches and an information desk built into the front wall. The old gift shop will become an education center for visitors. Photo by Bob Kalmbach