The University Record, December 14, 1998

President clarifies Flint chancellor search process

Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent to U-M-Flint faculty, students and staff last week by President Lee C. Bollinger, clarifying the search process for a new chancellor. On Oct. 21, Search Advisory Committee Chair Carolyn Gillespie announced five candidates for the position. Tony Atwater, University of Toledo; Mark Auburn, University of Akron; and Charles Kupchella, Southeast Missouri State University, are no longer under consideration. David Potter, George Mason University, has withdrawn. Mary Kay Tetreault, California State University at Northridge, will be visiting the Flint campus Dec. 15.

Dear Colleagues:

I would like to clarify the process of the search for the Flint Chancellor at this stage, in the hope that this will be helpful to the Flint campus community as it assists the search advisory committee and me in identifying the best possible person for this position. As we look forward to the upcoming visit of candidate Mary Kay Tetreault, I hope that the following points will be of some use to you:

• The search is an ongoing, flexible and consultative process, in which I continue to seek and receive from the search advisory committee its best considered advice, and to discuss with the committee a range of possibilities. Steps taken in the search to date have been taken by the committee in consultation with me. They have been taken by the committee on the basis of greater experience with the candidates than has been available thus far to any other single individual or particular group. This consultative approach will continue.

• Professor Tetreault’s upcoming visit represents another point in this process, nothing more and nothing less. Her return does not imply that an offer has been extended or that one will be extended.

• The search in this respect remains “open.” The search will not be closed until we select a candidate to be chancellor or determine that the search is closed.

• The search advisory committee has done an admirable and thorough job in reviewing the candidates and in soliciting and considering input from the campus and community. The search advisory committee is the primary vehicle by which I will receive input on the search. I strongly encourage members of the campus community to share their opinions with the committee in a timely manner.

• Professor Tetreault’s upcoming visit is an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about her, to correct or confirm earlier impressions based on more limited exposure, and thereby to deepen our understanding of her appropriateness for the position. Further decisions concerning next steps in the search will be reached after her visit.

Your assistance, cooperation, and support of the committee in its work will be much appreciated.

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