The University Record, February 1, 1999

Search for Flint chancellor extended

Editor's Note: The following memo has been sent to U-M-Flint faculty, students and staff by President Lee C. Bollinger.

I am writing to tell you that we are extending the search for the Chancellor of the University of Michigan-Flint.

As you know, near the end of December, Mary Kay Tetreault visited campus for the second time, meeting with many of you, as well as with me. Following her visit, the Search Advisory Committee solicited your views and conveyed their sense to me, along with its own considered opinions.

Since that time, I have had extensive and candid discussion with the Search Advisory Committee. After careful deliberation, I have concluded that it will be in the best interest of the University to continue the search and identify additional candidates who will be brought to campus. Dr. Tetreault has been invited and encouraged to continue as a candidate, and she has agreed to do so.

The Search Advisory Committee and I are determining how best to proceed with the next phase. Unfortunately, other pressing commitments will very likely compel some members of the committee to step down at this point. I say this is unfortunate, because I have been singularly impressed by the cohesion and effectiveness of this committee. It may become necessary to appoint some new members, to replace those who are departing. An announcement will be forthcoming within the next week or so, concerning any changes that have been made.

In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and your continued assistance in our effort to identify and recruit the best possible chancellor for the University of Michigan-Flint.