The University Record, February 8, 1999

LS&A Faculty Meeting Roundup

By Kerry Colligan

The LS&A faculty approved a motion to allow the Gayle Morris Sweetland Writing Center to design and administer competency assessments of incoming students.

Presented by Theresa Tinkle, the center’s director and associate professor of English, the motion to revise the faculty code also grants instructors “the authority to consider expression as part of the grade,” she told faculty members at the Feb. 1 meeting.

The revision, to take effect immediately, requires that virtually all undergraduate students complete a three-part English composition requirement including assessment, a first-year and upper-level writing requirement.

Proposed revisions to the faculty code

Robert Megginson, associate professor of mathematics, proposed the faculty code be revised to allow students the option of obtaining a minor concentration (15 credit hours).

Many students enter the U-M, he said, with the intention of pursuing a professional or graduate degree. “The motion is designed to broaden the education of those students before they move on. It provides an opportunity to explore an area away from their concentration in a structured fashion.”

A separate motion revising the grievance procedure was proposed by Terry McDonald, associate dean for academic affairs and professor of history. The motion—drafted by the Office of the Provost and the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA)—strengthens the reporting procedures to address concerns about the fairness and expeditiousness of the process, McDonald said.

Provost Nancy Cantor recommended that each school and college adopt the policy.

The concentration and grievance motions will be discussed and voted on at the March 8 meeting.

For additional information about the Gayle Morris Sweetland Writing Center revision, or either of the proposed motions, contact the LS&A Dean’s Office, 764-0322.


• The executive committee recently voted to change the policies regarding appointment of lecturers. Detailed information is available on the LS&A Web site:

• The discussion of the faculty focus groups was moved to the March meeting.

• The College Nominating Committee members are: James Jackson, the Daniel Katz Distinguished University Professor of Psychology (chair); Julia Adams, associate professor of sociology; Sueann Caulfield, assistant professor of history; Linda Gregerson, associate professor of English; Philip Hanlon, professor of mathematics; and Peter Railton, professor of philosophy.