The University Record, June 21, 1999

Visa cap affects University

The Immigration and Naturalization Service has announced that the 1999 H-1B cap of 115,000 visas for skilled foreign temporary workers was reached June 15. University departments that intend to hire international faculty for the fall may have to wait until Oct. 1, the beginning of federal FY 2000.

The International Center has been in contact with departments since early March, providing information and advice regarding the cap. Most departments have found other options to enable them to retain or hire new foreign faculty and staff.

INS is allowing F-1(student) and J-1(exchange scholar) aliens and their dependents to remain in the United States if an H-1B petition was filed prior to June 15. This does not, however, include work authorization. The cap does not affect H-1B extensions. Total time available with H status is six years.

For detailed information, visit the Web at or call 763-4081.