The University Record, March 15, 1999


Root selected for new environmental communications program

Terry L. Root, associate professor at the School of Natural Resources and Environment, is one of 20 scholars from around the nation selected to participate in the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program, designed to train environmental scientists to be effective communicators of scientific information to the news media, policy makers and the private sector, including corporations and nonprofit organizations. A conservation biologist, Roots's research interests include changes in the distribution patterns and abundance of wintering songbirds as a result of global warming and changes in spring arrival dates of migratory birds. She also is interested in understanding the reasons for the attrition rate of women in science. The program, administered by Oregon State University and affiliated with the Ecological Society of America, is supported by a $1.5 million grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Baker honored by AAAAI board

James R. Baker Jr., chief of the Allergy Division and director of the Center for Biologic Nanotechnology, has been honored by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology by receipt of a Special Recognition Award from the board of directors. Baker's award recognizes his work as editor of JAMA Primer magazine, a publication on allergic and immunologic diseases. The AAAAI says the Primer "is the most widely read publication on allergy and is utilized extensively by medical students, residents and primary care physicians."

Lifetime Achievement Award honors Valenstein

Elliot S. Valenstein, professor emeritus of psychology, has received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Behavioral Neuroscience from the International Society of Behavioral Neuroscience. The award will be presented in Nancy, France, where Valenstein will present a lecture in connection with the award. Valenstein's book, Blaming the Brain, challenges the view that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain that are corrected by medication. The book examines evidence claimed to support biochemical theories of mental illness and describes how these theories are promoted by the pharmaceutical industry, HMOs and other special interest groups.

Potter wins AbleMedia Silver Chalice award

David S. Potter, professor of classical studies, has won a Silver Chalice from AbleMedia for his submission to the Classics Technology Center (CTC) on the Web, Potter posted the "Roots of English" etymology resource on the CTC site. His posting has a complete on-line course on sport and daily life in the Roman world, including a course syllabus, lecture notes, images, translations, sample tests and actual assignments. AbleMedia is a global management and technology consulting firm, found on the Web at

Davies publishes Child Development

Douglas Davies, associate professor of social work, is the author of Child Development: A Practitioner's Guide, published by The Guilford Press, New York. The book focuses on how practitioners can apply the latest developmental knowledge to assessment and intervention with children and families. Numerous case vignettes and observational examples bring the research to life and highlight special considerations for working with children with difficulties.