The University Record, March 15, 1999

U-M chefs cook up feast for competition

Rose White (above, at left) and Judy Taylor of Bursley Hall dining service walked off with the top prize when teams of one or two residence hall cooks put their favorite recipes to the test. Students and staff judged the entries during lunch meals March 3-4 for the Residence Halls Culinary Competition. White's peanut butter pie recipe is a family favorite. Angie Demaron and Gail Battle (below), of East Quad dining service, made off with the second place prize for Chinese spare ribs and rice. Other entries in the first-time competition were mahi mahi by Betty Greggs and Nikki Hurst, East Quad; Cornish hens with dressing by Gladys White, East Quad; angel mousse cake by Karen Smith, East Quad; curried vegetables by Maria Egbert and Rita Beltrane, Markley Hall; spinach salad by Maria Egbert and Rita Beltrane, Markley Hall; mousakka by Kevin Bailey and Dave Milosevic, Markley Hall; onion and olive focaccia by Kim Williams and Tina Jones, Bursley Hall; spinach casserole by Linda McKinney and Marge Gork, Bursley Hall; and tomato dumpling pie by Deb Franklin and Al Stewart, East Quad. Photos by Bob Kalmbach