The University Record, May 24 , 1999

Rehire, reinstatement policy amended

From Employee Relations,
Human Resources/Affirmative Action

Effective May 1, the policy on rehire and reinstatement was amended to allow credit for prior service to employees whose break in service with the University is greater than one year.

Currently, staff members may request reinstatement of their original date of hire only if they return within one year of the date of termination and by meeting these additional two criteria:

  • A minimum of one year of continuous service as a regular staff member from the first date of hire, with a recommendation for rehire.

  • Re-employment with the University for a least three continuous years.

    For example: An individual is hired March 17, 1990, and works as a regular employee until Oct. 27, 1994. The individual returns to a regular position June 5, 1995. After three years—no earlier than June 1, 1998—the employee is eligible to have the date of hire changed from June 1, 1995, to March 17, 1990. The date change is recorded on the employee database.

    The revised policy allows staff members with a break in service of more than one year to request “credit for prior employment with the University.” The credit for prior service does not change the staff member‘s service date (i.e. it is not changed on the database), but it will be used in determining eligibility for retirement and service awards.

    Criteria for consideration for approval of a credit for prior service are:

  • A minimum of one year of service as a regular staff member.

  • A break in service greater than one year.

  • A break less than the length of service prior to termination.

  • Re-employment with the University for 10 continuous years in a regular position.

    For example: A staff member quits after eight years of employment. Six years later, the individual is rehired into a regular position. After 10 years, the staff member would be eligible to apply for a credit for prior service. The employee would have 18 years‘ service for purposes of service awards and retirement eligibility. The employee would retain the latter date of hire.

    It is important to note that to be eligible for the credit for retirement purposes, the employee must have been in an appointment that was “retirement-eligible” in both the prior appointment and the current appointment. In addition, the request for reinstatement and/or credit for prior service may be exercised only once.

    Requests for consideration under this policy should be forwarded to the appropriate Employment Office. Questions? Call 764-6580, Ann Arbor Campus; 647-5798, Medical Campus; (313) 593-5190, Dearborn Campus; (810) 762-3150, Flint Campus.