The University Record, November 2, 1998

It’s in the attic

Where can you store grocery carts and vans? In the attic of course. That’s the U-Attic in the Auxiliary Services Complex Building on Green Road.

Since the ’80s, the U-M community has used the more than 19,000-square-foot facility to store everything and anything, including grocery carts used for the annual Computer Kick-Off, two vans belonging to the School of Dentistry, gold medallions, a complete office that once belonged to a professor and the Chernikhov Art Exhibit from Russia.

University departments can store boxed materials on a month-to-month basis. The boxes are stored on pallets in a heated, secure area at a monthly rate of $15 for a pallet measuring 3' by 3' by 3'. Charges are put on the department’s service unit billing.

U-Attic business manager Lori Vogel says arrangements for storage need to made in advance to assure that space is available. Customers may pick up or deliver their materials during regular business hours. “We store a wide variety of materials,” Vogel says, “but we try to stay away from any type of equipment.”

For more information about U-Attic, call 647-0488.


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