The University Record, November 16, 1998

Michigan Radio listeners pledge record amount

Michigan Radio raised $410,000 in an eight-day fund drive that concluded Oct. 24. The record amount pledged by listeners surpassed last year’s fall record of $315,000, even though this year’s on-air campaign was two days shorter.

“Once again, our listeners have come through for us,” said station manager, Donovan Reynolds. “We recognize that people who pledge support to public radio are the people who tend to listen on a regular basis.” Reynolds said $49,000 in additional revenue was raised through challenge grants by local companies and by matching gifts from donors’ employees, bringing the total for the on-air drive to $459,000. Contributions by mail from members renewing their support is not included.

Michigan Radio will use funds for operating expenses, including fees for National Public Radio and Public Radio International programs. These fees, based in part on the station’s audience size, which has doubled in the past two years, increased by $100,000 this fiscal year.

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