The University Record, November 23, 1998


I was shocked to see in this month’s Michigan alumni magazine [Michigan Alumnus] that this national board voted unanimously to support the University’s “diversity” policies. If this board purports to represent the views of the over 100,000 alumni and alumnae, it is clear that the board itself requires some diversity.

From the letters I have seen and the sentiments among the people I know who have graduated from the University, it is clear that the alumni and alumnae of Michigan do not unilaterally support these disgraceful policies. I found it particularly offensive that the publisher’s note and the lead article insinuate that to disagree with the University’s position and to oppose affirmative action is to be uneducated and politically motivated.

Perhaps the opponents of these policies are part of Hillary Clinton’s “vast right wing conspiracy?” Give me a break. It is clear that the University has to clean up its act and, if it is not done voluntarily, it will be done by the courts.

Elaine A. Murphy, B.A. economics ’91, J.D. ’94, Dallas, Tex.

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