The University Record, October 14, 1998


Faculty honored at LS&A meeting

Eighteen faculty members were honored at the September LS&A faculty meeting.

Howard G. Lay, assistant professor of history of art received the Matthews Underclass Teaching Award.

Susanto Basu, assistant professor of economics; Richard A. Goldstein, assistant professor of chemistry; and Johanna H. Prins, assistant professor of English and comparative literature; received the 1923 Memorial Teaching Award.

Jean M. Leverich, student adviser, LS&A Student Academic Affairs, received the Ruth M. Sinclair Memorial Award.

Curtis E. Huntington, professor of mathematics; and Robert L. Kyes, professor of German, received the Excellence in Concentration Advising Award.

Renee Anspach, associate professor of sociology and director of graduate programs and associate professor of women’s studies; Catherine Brown, associate professor of romance languages and literature; Muge Gocek, director and associate professor of sociology and associate professor of women’s studies; Susan Juster, associate professor of history; Roberto Merlin, professor of physics; Ann Lesley Milroy, professor of linguistics; Susan Murphy, associate professor of statistics; Jennifer Robertson, professor of anthropology and of women’s studies; Sonya Rose, professor of history, of sociology and of women’s studies; John Schiefelbein, associate professor of biology, received the LS&A Dean’s Faculty Award.

Richard Candida Smith, associate professor of history, received the first Janet and William Cassebaum Faculty Award.

Alexander Knysh, professor of Islamic studies, received the first John R. and Betty B. Edman Award.

John Jackson, chair and professor of political science and of business administration, received the first Mary Dennis Folmer Faculty Award.

Stephen Easter, professor of biology, received the Margaret and Herman Sokol Faculty Award.


Four faculty awarded ASCAP awards

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) honored four faculty members in August. The cash awards, reflecting ASCAP’s commitment to assist and encourage writers of serious music went to James Aikman, assistant professor and postdoctoral scholar of the School of Music; the late William Albright, professor of music; Theodore E. Morrison, associate professor of conducting; and Bright Z. Sheng, associate professor of music.


Parsons receives Kidder Award

Jeffrey Parsons, professor of anthropology and curator of Latin American archaeology, has received the American Anthropological Association, Archaeology Division’s Alfred Vincent Kidder Award.

“Jeffrey R. Parsons has established a model for collaboration with Latin American archaeologists during his career of more than 30 years, which has encompassed significant work in both Mexico and Peru, and has been a leader in ethnoarchaeological studies that integrate archeology and ethnography,” his citation says.

The Kidder Award is given every three years to recognize outstanding lifetime achievement in the areas of Mesoamerican and North American archeology.


Rogers Imaging Scientist Award

W. Leslie Rogers, professor of internal medicine and senior research scientist, has received the Medical Imaging Scientist Award of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

The Scientist Award is the highest award the IEEE gives in the field of medical imaging and has only been given once before. The award citation reads: “For contributions to the fundamental and practical physics and engineering of novel detectors and systems for emission imaging; and for contributions of leadership and mentorship within the medical imaging community.”



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