The University Record

October 21, 1998
Volume 54, Number 7

Frontpage Photo
Faculty Perspectives
Job Postings
Police Beat
Regents' Roundup
Snap Shots
Beckham: Campus diversity must be 'manifest in mission'
Look! It's a book
Student dies in fall from Markley room
Destination Discovery connects kids, teachers, U-M resources
Mass e-mails irritating, some illegal
Film & Video studies receives million-dollar gift
Franzese to explore gambling in collegiate athletics
Gosling recommended to head University Library
Parking area adjacent to Yost will require Blue permit
Geologist Pollack meets with Vice President Gore on global warming
Record to change publication date in November
Faculty invited to be 'Road Scholars'
1998 United Way campaign
New Web site on undergraduate research is up
School of Nursing enhances its global outreach through WHO
Millennium Bug: Much still to be done, Griffiths says